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Platinum web hosting
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Web based email:   

In order to use your web based email to send and receive emails you must have your domain name working. Check your website first and see if its online. If it is not online this is probably the problem Click Here to find out why your website is not online.      

If your domain name is working then here is how web based email works.

To access your email on the web simply login to your Cpanel and click the mail icon. You received a link to access your Cpanel control panel when you ordered hosting.  You may also visit   replacing with your actual domain name.  Click the mail icon and you will see your options to add or remove email accounts.  Set the quota of your email account to decide how much web space you want to commit to it.  After creating the email accounts just click on manage accounts and then choose which email you would like to use and click Read Webmail.  You will then be given a choice of three great mail clients.  Pick your favorite one to use when you access your email on the web.

Your server gives you multiple options to access your email accounts directly from a web browser.

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 Email not sending: If your web based email seems to have trouble sending email please test it on a couple of different email accounts. Many email providers now have anti spam measures in tact which can cause your email to bounce or end up in a spam box or trash box.  Also sometimes email can take minutes to arrive at destination address. Check to make sure your sending issue is real by doing multiple send tests. If problem persists please contact us using the form below.

 Email not receiving:  If your unable to receive email sent to your email account please check and make sure your domain name / website is online. Then check your spam box or trash box for the lost email. It may have been mistaken as spam. Also check your quota for your email account to make sure its not full. If your quota is full make your quota larger. A full email box will not receive its email.  If problems persist please contact us

Use our easy troubleshooting guide below.

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