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E107 Web Hosting / Easy one click installation

e107 Screenshot



       Order web hosting from and we will install the e107 content management system to the web for free. Just choose an available domain name above or you can use one that you already have.   Order Now

e107 is one of the best content management solutions is now included with our web hosting plans.  Just a one click installation.

The e107 is a content management system written in PHP and using the popular open source MySQL database system for content storage. It's completely free, totally customizable and very easy to setup as your website with just one click. This makes running your web site easy.


Examples of e107 websites

As you can see the design possibility is endless with the e107 content man ager

E107 Features

User Management


Using this feature is not mandatory, however, it allows you to invite visitors to signup, with an option to provide a "members only" website. Members can post chats, comments, forum postings, news articles, etc. Member profiles includes name, custom title (shows on forum postings), email address, birth date, popular online chat identity (ICQ, AIM, MSN), website, and extended fields that you can add if you want to capture more user information.

You may allow users to upload a photo or avatar, it will be displayed with their profile. You have the option to send email notifications to new registrants to validate their email address and advise them to activate their accounts. You can choose to hide passwords in the email notifications for account activation. You can also choose to allow anonymous postings at your site.

User and user classes

You can assign user classes to control what area of your site that each user class has access to. You can make certain users adminstrators with selective permissions, e.g. forum moderator. You can also allow other administrators to manage user classes.


Not entirely "bullet proof", of course, but you can decide who you want to ban from your site, by registered user name, or ip address of any visitor. You can also ban specific email addresses from registering at your site.


Content Management

Image postings

You can enable emoticons to add some smileys to your site. You can allow members to choose your own list of avatars and/or allow them to upload their own avatars and/or photos to their profile. You can also use image files in your news, articles and other content.


You can publish news articles for your visitors. You can also allow others to submit news to your site.


Use this feature (like this article) to publish material of interest to your visitors. You can also allow others to submit articles to your site.


Use this feature to publish reviews you've written about movies, books, products and just about anything interesting. With reviews, you the author determine a rating on the subject. You can also allow other users to submit reviews.


Use this feature to add just about any content, including syndicated content from other websites. This allows you to put pages of material at your site, integrated into your e107 website look and feel.


Use the calendar to post events at your site, including posting URL of other websites for additional information and optionally link calendar event to forum discussions.


You can host files for download by visitors to your site. Optionally activate a pop-up message that represents an agreement for your visitor to agree to before download, or they can click cancel to abort download.


Enable this feature to allow members to upload files to your site.


Discussions and Communications Forum

Discussion Forums

You have the option to setup discussion forums, choose who can participate and who can moderate. You use the forum headings to organize your discussion topics. You can optionally allow users to track replies to forum threads they started. Polls can also be part of forum threads. You may provide a link to forum rules that you can write up for your members to read. You can also enable a "report post to moderator" button. Other nice features are user info such as who's online,top posters, most active threads, and user's own postings.


Allow comments to news, articles, reviews, polls, downloads etc. You can also enable nested comments. This feature allows posting of comment by person B in reply to a comment by person A.

Private Messages

This popular plugin is included in the base install package. It allows members to send private messages to each other. When you view a member's profile, it has a button to send private message to that member. PM icon also appears on forum.


While not intended to be real time interactive, this feature allows you and your visitors to post comments that are immediately visible, and is a quick means to chat in a non-time sensitive manner.


You may conduct a poll at your site, and decide if it's open to public or members only. Poll results are updated and displayed as votes are submitted.

Welcome Message

Choose to enable separate welcome messages for unregistered visitors, members and your administrators, and specify what you want to convey when they visit your site.


Other Features


Included as a standard plugin, you use this feature to display fading messages and/or images to draw attention. Fader is displayed in a menu "box".


Display a series of advertising or web site banners at your site.

Front Page

Determine what your front page looks like for visitors. News is default, but you can choose to display forum, download, links, content page or a custom page.

Menus and Custom Menus/Pages

Use Menus to organize where you want your Chatbox, Poll, Main Menu, etc., while Custom Menus allow you to create your own menu "box" that you can then activate it like a standard menu, and move it to specific area. You can choose to show or hide menus on selective pages, for e.g. show chatbox only on the news page. You can create your own custom pages that fit in with the rest of your site, just like news page.

New Forum Posts

Included as a standard plugin, you can use this feature to display new forum postings at your front page.


Retrieve and parse other sites' backend RSS news feeds to display at your site.


Display number of guests and members online at your site. There are other pluginsavailable that provide more elaborate online features.


Allows visitors to search for specific category (News, Forum, etc.) or all categories by checking selected categories or all categories. You can optionally restrict search to members only.

Site Statistics

You can enable logging to capture site statistics such as number of pages viewed, referrals from other sites.


Set up categorized links to other sites. You can also allow others to submit links to your site.


Optionally enable various cache techniques to improve site performance.


A tree structured map of your site with links to all pages. Your visitors can navigate around your site by using the sitemap.




You can enable flood control to prevent malicious attack by continuous request of pages at your site. Optionally you may enable auto ban so that a person who makes multiple requests according to your flood control settings will be banned automatically. Use image code verification for signup and/or login, so that it can only be entered by hand, not a computer program. You can also restrict search to members only, or protect the entire site and restrict it to members only. Filter profanities if they offend you, or your site is of family, school or religious type.


Enable the maintenance mode while you organize your website, install a plugin or perform an upgrade. You can display your own message to visitors while you have maintenance turned on. Visitors cannot access any area until you turn off maintenance.


Use this feature to backup your database, check database validity, optimize database and update database if applicable when you upgrade to a newer version.

Integrity Check

This plugin allows you to check the integrity of the physical files of e107 base and plugins at your site, for possible missing or corrupted files. It is a great time-saving troubleshooting tool.

File Manager

Use this feature to upload files to your site, or delete files from your site..

PHP Info

Display your site's PHP configuration to administrators, if necessary to conduct troubleshooting.


The list is extensive, so we'll just list a few more popular ones here. You can check the links at the end of this article to get some idea of what's out there.

  • Coppermine Gallery - Picture gallery at your site
  • FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions (used at this site)
  • eCalendar - Enhanced Calendar for e107
  • Tell A Friend - Visitor can send email from your site recommending it to others
  • eContact - Visitor can send email to you, the webmaster
  • Guestbook - Visitor can post a message at your site.
  • Survey - Conduct an extensive survey at your site.
  • Games - Visitor can play games at your site.
  • Weather and News - plugins that present info'.

Use our easy troubleshooting guide below.

Web based email Frontpage Redirects Statistics
Outlook email Adding new domains Website not online Pictures not working
FTP Subdomains Add on scripts Uploading your website


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